A Black grandmother is seated with her daughter and grandson hugging her from behind. All three are facing forward and grinning. There is a green cartoon bird with an orange beak resting on Grandma's shoulder.


Meet Earl E. Bird

He’s taking care of himself–and his flock.

Earl loves to sing, take naps and go for an occasional dip in the fountain. Family and friends in his flock are very important to him. Earl is a firm believer in being proactive in every aspect of his life. He is always the first one up in the morning to search for food before his little ones start chirping. He’s learned the best spots for collecting scraps and sticks to build the perfect nest. He knows the signs and sounds of an approaching predator and what to do to keep his family safe. Before the weather turns cold, he heads south.

When it comes to checking your health, be like Earl: Don’t wait for signs or symptoms of cancer to appear. Learn the routine cancer screenings you need, identify when and how often you need them and schedule your appointments. Encourage your flock to get the screenings they need (which can sometimes be from the comfort of their own nest!). And be aware of the signs and symptoms of cancer so you can advocate for your health.

Detecting cancer early(often before signs or symptoms even occur) can mean more treatment options, more healthy days ahead and more time with the people you love. Remember, the early bird catches the worm! Early Detection = Better Outcomes, so check your health today

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