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Cancer and the LGBTQ+ Community

Explore the resources below to find information on cancer screenings, tools to talk to your health care providers and much more.

Cancer affects everyone, but it does not affect everyone equally.

The LGBTQ+ community faces unique barriers when accessing health care, and LGBTQ+ individuals are less likely to seek health care due to a long history of discrimination and mistrust in the health care system. Both preventive and essential care are impacted, which can result in disparities in cancer risk and treatment.

Check out the National LGBT Cancer Network’s LGBTQ terminology factsheet and intersex resources for an information glossary and additional resources.

Prostate cancer

GW Cancer Center – The George Washington University

General health

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Indian Health ServiceHealth resources for LGBTQ+ and Two-Spirit people


At the 2022 Advocacy Workshop, the Prevent Cancer Foundation brought together patient advocacy organizations and LGBTQ+ community and health experts to discuss what needs to change. Watch the discussion:

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