A three-quarter view of an older white man who is smiling and pointing to the camera. He is holding a toddler who is dressed in a winter jacket and white stocking hat. The man is also wearing a jacket and a navy blue t-shirt with a bright green Prevent Cancer Foundation imprint.


Prevent Cancer Foundation

Taking the power from cancer and giving it to the people

Our vision: A world where cancer is preventable, detectable and beatable for all.

The Prevent Cancer Foundation® is the only U.S.-based nonprofit organization solely dedicated to cancer prevention and early detection. The Foundation was founded in 1985 and carries out its work in four areas:

Research: The Foundation funds research grants and fellowships at some of the most prestigious academic institutions and medical centers across the U.S. The goal of the Foundation’s research program is to identify and fund innovative projects with the potential to make substantial contributions to cancer prevention and early detection.

Education: The Foundation is committed to providing evidence-based information about how to prevent cancer or detect it early through healthy lifestyle choices, vaccinations and medical screenings.

Outreach: The Foundation reaches out to communities through programs and grants that allow us to fund nationally (and globally!) and act locally. By empowering those who know their communities best, the Foundation is able to implement lifesaving programs that benefit all populations, especially the medically underserved.

Advocacy: By engaging policymakers and grassroots supporters through advocacy, the Foundation promotes increased funding for research, reducing disparities and supporting legislation that improves access to care and screenings.

Our mission is to empower people to stay ahead of cancer through prevention and early detection.

Bold goals for reducing cancer deaths by 40%

Rising to meet the challenge by 2035