Illustrated banner for the 2020 Prevent Cancer Advocacy Workshop. There is a green U.S. Capitol building on a dark blue background. The title of the workshop is, "Genetics, genomics and biomarker testing."


2020 Prevent Cancer Advocacy Workshop

Genetics, genomics and biomarker testing

The Prevent Cancer Foundation hosted its 2020 Advocacy Workshop on genetics and cancer prevention. The conversations focused on genetic testing and its role in helping identify hereditary conditions and their associated cancers, as well as providing tumor testing to develop targeted treatments for patients. Access barriers to testing were a recurrent theme throughout the event. To address those barriers, attendees joined breakout sessions to discuss potential solutions and reported back to share with the entire group.

Full recording of the 2020 Prevent Cancer Advocacy Workshop

2020 Advocacy Workshop Executive Summary

Genetics, Genomics and Biomarker Testing: Impacts on Cancer Prevention

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