Ximena Marquez Dagan

Senior Manager, Research Administrator and Outreach

Headshot of Ximena Marquez Dagan

Ximena Marquez Dagan is the Senior Manager, Research Administrator and Outreach for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. She manages the research program with the aim of identifying the most promising cancer prevention and early detection clinical and public health research. She also supports the patient navigation initiative to ensure that underserved populations are linked to cancer screenings. Ximena has a background in sociology and education and has worked in numerous public health campaigns and education programs coordinating and supporting the next generation of health innovations for a healthier future across populations.

In her spare time, Ximena loves long relaxing walks, fun and exotic foods with a Latin and Mediterranean flare, reading books in the magic realism genre, Broadway musicals and attending her daughter’s riveting sport and dance activities. She resides in Bethesda, MD with her husband, daughter, and their lovable family pet.