Prevent Cancer Foundation® provides nearly $300,000 in international grants

September 29, 2017

Lisa Hanna

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—International projects focused on cervical and lung cancer screening are moving forward thanks to grants from the Prevent Cancer Foundation®.

In Mozambique, Kenya and Ghana, where cervical cancer is often diagnosed in advanced stages, the funding will be used for provider training and improved diagnostic accuracy with new screening devices.

Funding will also be provided to 40 international lung cancer screening sites to support an image quality project for lung cancer screening using cloud-based tools, crowd-sourced data and a low-cost test object.

These projects will save lives by increasing cancer prevention and early detection.

More about the 2017 International Community Grant recipients:

Organization: The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Title: Addressing the Cervical Cancer Crisis in Mozambique through Training and Education for the Early Detection of Disease
Location of Project: Mozambique
Award: $200,000 for two years

Cervical cancer is a preventable disease, but in Mozambique it remains the number one cancer in women, and most are diagnosed in later stages. By increasing local provider capacity to screen for cervical cancer and manage precancerous changes, this project aims to protect women from developing invasive cancer. The program will provide hands-on training, education and ongoing telementoring to providers in Mozambique through Project ECHO® (Extension for Community Health Outcomes).

Organization: Radiological Society of North America
Title: Global Image Quality Monitoring and Optimization of CT Lung Nodule Imaging
Location of Project: 40 International Lung Cancer Screening Sites
Award: $50,000 for one year

With the ultimate goal of assuring high-quality lung cancer screening worldwide, this project is working to establish a standard for image quality across numerous international screening sites. To meet this goal, a novel image certification protocol will be implemented at sites performing low-dose computed tomography (CT) lung cancer screening. Global certification is made feasible with the use of cloud-based tools, crowd-sourced data and a low-cost image quality assessment phantom (also called a test object).

Organization: SOS Children’s Village
Save My Mother
Location of Project:
$25,000 for one year

The Save My Mother project is focusing on the prevention, screening and treatment of cervical cancer among women in Ghana. With the Foundation support, the goal of the project is to screen 5,000 women at risk of cervical cancer and create awareness of cervical cancer among 30,000 men and women. There is an emphasis on reaching low-income women and women in low-resource communities. The project will utilize stakeholder partners to provide necessary follow-up care and treatment.

Organization: Matibabu Foundation
Use of Mobile ODT® Devices to Improve Cervical Cancer Screening
Location of Project:
$15,000 for one year

Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer affecting women in Kenya after breast cancer. About 70-80 percent of cervical cancers in Kenya are diagnosed in later stages, indicating a great need for increased screening. With grant support from the Prevent Cancer Foundation®, new screening devices are being purchased to improve the quality of the cervical images and the diagnostic accuracy of screening. One thousand women will receive cervical cancer screening using these devices.

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