Stay ahead of cancer through prevention and early detection

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Early Detection =
Better Outcomes

It’s time to check your health. Routine screening before you have any signs or symptoms of cancer can mean better outcomes for your health–that means more treatment options, more healthy days ahead and more time with the people you love.

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A group of older multi-racial adults are seated outside in a half-circle engaged in joyful conversation. The camera is focused on a laughing Black woman who is placing her right hand across her chest and laughing.
Clearing the haze about the UV Index

Clearing the haze about the UV Index

Though the beach can be fun for the entire family, it can also be tricky to keep everyone safe with all the activity and distractions.

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UV Index scale ranging from 1 to 11+ or low to extreme. Low UV Index means no protection is needed, and extreme says to stay inside.

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