Global Grants

With your support, we provide funding for innovative cancer prevention and early detection projects through grants in low- and middle-income countries. Our goal is to provide resources needed to fund novel and impactful projects in cancer prevention, screening and vaccination.

A group of four health care providers in Cameroon practice a medical procedure on a plastic model of a body. They look up at a screen with a simulation of the procedure.
Cervical cancer screening practice in Cameroon
A woman at the front of a room trains a group of seated community health workers in Kenya.
Community health worker training in Kenya

2024 Global Grants

Basic Health International

Title: Evaluating an HPV Tandem Test for Cervical Cancer Screening and Genotyping Triage

Project Location: Mexico

Award: $95,000 for one year

Cervical cancer is the second leading cause of cancer mortality among women in Mexico. This project will develop and implement a training curriculum for low-cost, self-collected human papillomavirus (HPV) sampling and will provide treatment for those at high risk in an under-screened population. The successful completion of this project will provide a streamlined cervical cancer prevention strategy that minimizes overtreatment and loss to follow-up.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Title: Artificial Intelligence Decision Support for Timely Breast Cancer Diagnosis in Nigeria

Project Location: Nigeria

Award: $95,000 for one year

Compared to forty years ago, Nigeria has experienced a threefold increase in breast cancer incidence. This project will train Nigerian radiologists to use a tablet-based mobile breast ultrasound with AI support for timely diagnosis of breast cancer, to bridge the gap of limited diagnostic imaging in the country. AI accuracy will be assessed to determine its future use for breast cancer diagnosis in low-resource communities worldwide.

Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services

Title: From Mother-Daughter to Mother-Child Approach: A Strategy for Scaling Up HPV Vaccination in Cameroon

Project Location: Cameroon

Award: $95,000 for one year

This project will address cervical cancer in three urban, medically underserved neighborhoods in Cameroon by screening women ages 30 and over for cervical cancer and vaccinating their children against HPV. Expanding on a prior Foundation-funded project focused on mothers and daughters, this program will vaccinate both girls and boys against HPV, with the goal of preventing more HPV-related cancers. If successful, the mother-child model has the potential to be replicated in other countries where HPV vaccination hesitancy and misinformation are major concerns.

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Title: A Collaborative Breast Radiology Training Model for Early Breast Cancer Detection in Zambia

Project Location: Zambia

Award: $95,000 for one year

There are no formally trained breast radiologists in Zambia, and two-thirds of breast cancer diagnoses in the country occur at late stages, when treatment may be less effective. This project aims to improve breast cancer detection and survival in Zambia by using a novel international collaborative training model to train the country’s first specialized breast radiologists.

Two African female doctors stand outside of a teaching hospital in Zambia.

2022-2024 Global Grants

KILELE Health Association

Title: Thamani Yetu – Engaging Communities to Improve Cervical Cancer Prevention and Early Detection in Mbeere North Sub County, Embu County, Kenya

Location of Project: Kenya

Award: $150,000 for two years

This project aims to reach 40,000 Kenyans by engaging with the community and providing human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccinations, cervical cancer screenings and treatment. The program will also address myths and misconceptions and work with cancer survivors. These cervical cancer initiatives are intended to be replicated in other countries with hard-to-reach regions.

A group of adults pose outside after completing a CPH training in Kenya. There are both men and women dressed in business casual clothing and they are smiling toward the camera.

Hope for Haiti

Title: Improving Awareness, Screenings, and Treatment for Cervical and Breast Cancer in Haiti

Location of Project: Haiti

Award: $150,000 for two years

Cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death in Haiti, yet sufficient screening is not widely available. This project will provide 34,000 free cervical and breast cancer screenings, organize bi-annual education campaigns and train 35 nurses and 45 community health workers to reduce mortality and morbidity rates.

A young girl is waiting to get her HPV vaccination in Haiti. She is standing next to her mother who is looking down at paperwork. The girl is wearing a red dress, has her hair back in a bun and is smiling brightly at the camera.