Last week, hundreds of all-star gamers from around the world met online to speedrun their favorite games. People around the globe tuned in to watch the “best of the best” take on the most popular games, with some runners even breaking world records!

This amazing community of gamers and fans raised more than $2.76 million for cancer prevention and early detection. During the event, we asked the community why they participate in AGDQ (Awesome Games Done Quick). Following are some of the responses we received. Thank you all for your participation and continued support!

Why do you AGDQ? Let us know by tweeting @preventcancer with the hashtag #WhyIAGDQ.

Tribute Wall for Awesome Games Done Quick 2021. Community members expressing why the mission of the Prevent Cancer Foundation is meaningful to them. Many responses honor the memory of a loved one they lost to cancer.

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