The self-check every man should be doing at home

We tend to think we are invincible.

As recent college grads, new homeowners, newlyweds or new parents, we can get caught up in all the ‘newness’ and forget to prioritize our health. No matter how invincible we might think we are, eventually the time comes to start checking yourself for cancer.

Testicular cancer is most commonly diagnosed in men 20-34 years old, but when caught early and treated appropriately, it’s usually curable.

Take advantage of extra at-home time and check your testicles for irregularities. Self-checks aren’t the end-all-be-all when it comes to diagnosing testicular cancer, but they are the best way to stay in tune with your body and recognize when something changes.

What to feel and look for

  • Hard lumps or nodules (smooth rounded masses).
  • Change in size, shape or feel of testicles.

What’s normal

  • One testicle is slightly larger than the other.
  • One testicle hangs lower than the other.
  • Each testicle has an epididymis (a soft rope-like structure on the back of the testicle). This can feel like a small bump but is normal.

If something feels different or wrong, call a health care professional to talk about symptoms and next steps.

Perform this self-check every month to stay on top of changes and irregularities. Early detection makes all the difference when it comes to cancer. Don’t let this monthly self-care practice slide.