Serve, dink, protect: Inky Dink Do Pickleball and the Prevent Cancer Foundation team up for awareness and prevention

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the U.S., but if you’re one of the millions of Americans on the bandwagon, your athleticwear may not be keeping up.

Look no further than pickleball apparel and accessory company Inky Dink Do, and its limited-edition Prevent Cancer collection, designed to raise awareness and provide sun-safe options for style and function. The new line in collaboration with the Prevent Cancer Foundation embodies their commitment to spreading joy while on a serious mission: to start discussions and raise awareness around cancer prevention and early detection, allowing friends to support one another to live healthy lives. Fifty percent of the profits sold from the Prevent Cancer collection will support cancer prevention and early detection efforts.

What is the story behind Inky Dink Do?

Founded by two pickleball enthusiasts who met on the courts, Inky Dink Do was born when Dawn Goldberg and Jessica Robinson recognized the need for stylish, sun-protective shirts while enjoying outdoor pickleball matches and other activities. As they both had pre-cancerous sun marks removed, their passion for sun safety runs deep.

Inky Dink Do celebrates friendship, adventure and the joy of play, but they know that staying sun-safe is paramount when enjoying outdoor activities.

Why Prevent Cancer?

Inky Dink Do is partnering with the Prevent Cancer Foundation to create performance-enhancing apparel and accessories that protect you from harmful UV rays AND make a statement about cancer prevention and early detection. Inspired by popular pickleball slogans, the shirts and accessories feature phrases such as “Stay Shady,” “Quit Dink’n Around,” “Check Your Balls” and “Get Checked.” Each piece is designed to turn heads and spark meaningful discussions, not only raising awareness of cancer prevention, but also infusing a bit of fun into it.

The Inky Dink Do and Prevent Cancer limited-edition collection features short and long sleeve shirts with UPF 30+ sun protection, baseball hats, tumblers, tote bags and hand towels.

How can I get involved?

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a pickleball-loving friend or simply want to treat yourself to some stylish gear, the limited-edition lineup has something for everyone. Grab your friends and family and head to the pickleball courts for some fun. The best part? You’ll be supporting the Prevent Cancer Foundation and protecting yourself from the sun.

Together, we can protect our skin, cherish our friendships and play with purpose. Shop now at, follow along on Facebook and Instagram, and be a part of the movement to prevent cancer, one dink at a time!