How to turn your fantasy football league into a fundraiser

A computer keyboard, pad and pencil and an American style football on a white wood table in a home office.

Are you gearing up to play in a fantasy football league this year, prepping your draft picks and recruiting your teammates? Now’s the time to decide if you want to take your league to the next level and fundraise for cancer prevention and early detection. Here are the steps you can take so your league helps us create a world where cancer is preventable, detectable and beatable for all.

  1. Recruit your team. Spread the word on social media that you’ll be running a team this year and the proceeds will go directly to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Bonus tip: Share why you decided to fundraise for the Foundation. A personal story helps your friends and family know why it’s important to you and will encourage them to participate.
  2. Plan your draft party. Now’s the time to create your team and collect the entry fees. Sites like NFL and ESPN make setting up your team simple. Once you have all your participants, you can plan a fun in-person or virtual draft party for everyone to make their picks and celebrate the start of the season. Bonus tip: Share information about the Foundation at your draft party. This will help your participants learn more about all the work the Foundation does and why their support is important.
  3. Make your donation. If your league decides to donate all proceeds to the Foundation, you can create a fundraising page where everyone can submit their entry fee and other family and friends can make additional donations for support. If you’d like to split the proceeds between the winner and the Foundation, the league commissioner can collect all entry fees and make the donation at the end of the season. Bonus tip: Email us at with your donation so we know you hosted a fundraiser and can thank your league on social media!

Making a difference doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. Turning annual events and activities—like a fantasy football league—into fundraisers is a great way to support the work of the Foundation while doing something fun with your friends and family.

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