Beneficiary event spotlight: Music with a mission

By Chris Reeves

June 19 is my least favorite day of the year. This year, June 19, 2022, marks seven years since my mom passed. [In] previous years, I would spiral into being an anxious and depressed mess, stuck in a loop reliving the day she died. That all changed in 2020 when I decided to do something positive with my grief. I was inspired by Games Done Quick and what they created with their marathon that benefits Prevent Cancer and I thought, how could I do something similar?

During quarantine in 2020, my freelance work had basically stopped. So for fun, I started a podcast and TikTok account about one of my loves: international ska and punk music. I’ve been fortunate that both have taken off a little bit. I decided to expand into a record label—Ska Punk International—since that’s something I’ve always wanted to do. When it comes to do-it-yourself music, it’s pretty common to do releases for charity, so I thought, maybe I can do something. I reached out to bands and asked them to cover songs that moms might like and so I put out the first set of that—Songs For Moms Volume 1—on June 19, 2021, and it went really well. We got a lot of press and raised some money, so we decided to do it again this year. On June 19, 2022, Songs For Moms Volume 2 came out, as well as Songs for Dads on another label. Look out for Songs for Moms on Bandcamp, and help prevent cancer!

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