Almost One Year Cancer Free: Sarah Talks About Her Mom’s Battle

Sarah Fraser

My mom will be cancer free one year this December. I’m looking forward to being in Maine to celebrate the all clear with her.

In February of 2014 my mom was diagnosed with stage 2B Breast Cancer. Much like many of you who have received a cancer diagnosis yourself or had your family member announce this news it’s life changing. You never forget those conversations.
They are the conversations that bring us back and keep us looking forward to the Prevent Cancer 5k every year. I don’t know about you but even in the darkest moments of seeing my mom go through cancer treatment and losing my father when I was in high school to stomach cancer I know we will find a cure.
I’m honored to again be a part of this awesome event. This year I challenge you to be mindful of being positive through the walk/run and try to remind yourself just once either out loud or to yourself that we will find a cure.
Cancer has robbed me of loved ones and the precious moments I will never live with those who I have lost, but I don’t let that overshadow the fact that when we’re walking and running we are saving someone else’s life.
I can’t wait to see your face on Sunday, give you a high five, and walk with you knowing in my heart that someday we’ll no longer have to walk because there will be a cure.
Let’s do this!

This post was originally published here by D.C. radio station 107.3.