A Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month message from Dr. Laura Cassidy, spouse of Senator Bill Cassidy

Do you know the recommended age to begin colorectal cancer screening is 45? I’m Dr. Laura Cassidy, a retired cancer surgeon and I’m married to Senator Bill Cassidy from Louisiana. I’m also a member of the Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program. March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, so let’s talk.

Screening is important. It picks up disease early and it saves lives. Screening for colorectal cancer should begin at 45, so you need to talk to your doctor to see if you should start at 45 or if you’re at high risk, you should begin screening even earlier. If you’re having problems such as belly pains, change of bowel habits or bleeding, talk to your doctor—immediately. Colorectal cancer is more common as you age, but it’s now being seen in adults less than 50 as well. So it’s important that we all as adults know about our need for colorectal cancer screening. So please, talk to your doctor—don’t put it off. Colorectal cancer is preventable, treatable and beatable. Visit www.preventcancer.org to learn more.

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