March Means Colorectal Cancer Preve..

March doesn’t just mean warmer weather and flowers sprouting, it’s also time to celebrate Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death among both men and women in the United States. Join us by b..

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Children & Tobacco Use..

The year 2010 brought the good news is that tobacco use among children and teens is dropping. Public awareness campaigns over the last 10 years designed to curb tobacco use by children are working. However, parents should continue to be vigilant. T..

Tips For Parents..

1. Make Your Home Junk Food Free! Restrict processed foods, convenience foods, fast food, and the majority of grocery itemspackaged in boxes – examples: sugary junk cereals, cookies, candy, chips, donuts, pastries, etc. If you don’t buy it, it ca..

Planning Healthy Meals..

Healthy Family Meal Planning Breakfast Fresh fruit – daily best. Whole grain cereals, breads, bagels and English muffins Free range or omega 3 fortified eggs Canned or smoked salmon Peanut butter, soy nut butter, or other nut butters on 100% whole ..

Healthy Snacks For Kids..

Dr. Ann’s Top Picks of the Healthiest Snacks for Kids Cut fresh veggies (baby carrots, celery sticks, bell pepper strips, broccoli/cauliflower florets, etc.) – serve along with a “healthy dip” like hummus, low-fat salad dressing, guacamole, o..

Healthy Eating Made Fun..

Healthy Eating is Fun and Easy!  (Please note: this fact sheet is specifically written for kids, not adults) 1. Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can. Your body needs at least 5 servings a day – the more the better! They all have very speci..