What’s in your child’s lunchbox?

September 12, 2018

What’s in your child’s lunchbox?

Fall brings many exciting things—cooler weather, the start of the holiday season and every parent’s favorite time of year: back to school!

Readjusting your child’s schedule from lazy summer days to hectic weekday mornings can be a challenge. Between getting everyone up, dressed, fed and out the door on time, mornings are packed! But no matter how busy it gets, it’s important to make sure your kid has a healthy lunch. A well-packed lunch can help give them the energy they need to do well in school—and it will set them up for a lifetime of healthy habits to reduce their cancer risk.

Here are some simple, healthy lunch ideas that are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.  

The main course

  • Turkey and cheese pinwheels
  • Almond butter and jam sandwich on whole wheat bread
  • Tuna salad with lettuce and whole wheat crackers
  • Multigrain veggie and hummus wrap

Snack time  

  • Sliced apples and almond butter
  • Baby carrots or snap peas and hummus
  • Low-fat yogurt and sliced strawberries
  • String cheese and pretzels  
  • Whole grain tortilla chips with salsa

Does your child buy lunch at school? Never fear—cafeteria lunches can still be healthy! Try reviewing the lunch menu with your child before they go to school to help them learn how to make healthy choices.

Need some more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board for delicious recipes your hungry little learners will love.

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