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Image for What’s in your child’s lunchbox?

What’s in your child’s lunchbox?

Fall brings many exciting things—cooler weather, the start of the holiday season and every parent’s favorite time of year: back to school! Readjusting your child’s schedule from lazy summer days to hectic weekday mornings can be a challenge. Between getting everyone up, dressed, fed and out the door on time, mornings are packed! But no […]

Image for How to navigate the farmers market like a pro

How to navigate the farmers market like a pro

The farmers market is one of the best places to scoop up delicious foods while supporting local farms and businesses. Whether you’re a farmers market aficionado or a beginner looking to try something new, we’ve put together some tips to help make your farmers market experience the best it can be. Make a game plan […]

Image for How to stay health-conscious on vacation

How to stay health-conscious on vacation

Summer is prime vacation time, which means a chance to escape the daily grind and enjoy some time off. It can be easy to adopt a “treat yourself” mentality on vacation, but indulging in too many unhealthy choices can increase your cancer risk. Here are some tips for staying healthy while having fun: Eat wisely […]

Image for What you need to know about grilling and cancer

What you need to know about grilling and cancer

For many Americans, cooking dinner on the grill is the perfect way to spend a summer evening. Unfortunately, some research indicates that cooking meat at very high temperatures (usually by grilling or pan-frying) can form chemicals that change the meat’s DNA and may increase your risk of certain cancers. So far this has only been […]

Image for Recipe: Non-alcoholic sangria

Recipe: Non-alcoholic sangria

Recipe adapted from Epicurious. Nothing says summer like a pitcher of sangria shared with friends, but that’s not exactly the epitome of cancer prevention. Alcohol consumption has been linked to an increased risk of head and neck, liver, breast and colorectal cancers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says if you drink alcohol […]

Image for Recipe: Banana-berry smoothie bowl

Recipe: Banana-berry smoothie bowl

Smoothie bowls are my new favorite weekend breakfast. It’s so easy to pack in tons of nutrients and they feel more filling than drinking a smoothie―plus you get to add toppings. Millions of Americans admit to skipping breakfast, but this important first meal keeps your metabolism up, gives you energy and can help you lose […]

Image for Start Salad Bowl Day in your workplace

Start Salad Bowl Day in your workplace

It’s lunchtime at the office, and if you’re like me, you’ve decided you earned a meal from the fast casual place around the corner or the food truck parked outside your office rather than eating the healthy leftovers you have in the fridge. Getting away from your desk for lunch is great for your productivity […]

Image for Spring clean your wellness routine

Spring clean your wellness routine

It’s hard to find motivation in the winter to commit to a healthy routine with less daylight, colder temperatures and fewer outdoor activities. Now that spring is here, ditch the unhealthy habits you’ve developed and recommit to wellness. Here are five tips to get you back on track. Fix your bedtime routine. Sleep is an […]

Image for Trim your Thanksgiving meal with these 5 tips

Trim your Thanksgiving meal with these 5 tips

It’s difficult to eat healthy on Thanksgiving, not only because you may tend to overeat, but because traditional dishes are often loaded with calories. Obesity is linked to at least 13 types of cancer, so it’s important to eat well and maintain a healthy weight―even during the holidays. We’re sharing five ways you can still […]

Image for Spring clean your pantry

Spring clean your pantry

Whether or not the weather is on board, springtime is officially here. The season known for “spring cleaning” makes us want to purge our offices, homes and closets of junk. During National Nutrition Month, focus your spring cleaning efforts where it really matters―your pantry. Ditch the heavily-processed packaged foods, refined carbs and sugars in favor […]