Global Research Grants

Phil Castle, PhD, MPH

Phil Castle, PhD, MPH

Named award: Awesome Games Done Quick grant
Institution: Albert Einstein College of Medicine
What he will study: The efficacy of a mobile phone screening device in diagnosing cervical cancer in Rwanda

At the 2015 Dialogue for Action® conference, Ariel Beery, CEO of biotech firm MobileODT, showed his cervical cancer screening device which is built on a mobile phone base. His invention caught the eye of Dr. Phil Castle, a world renown cervical cancer expert, who will now assess the technology’s ability to detect cervical cancer early in Rwanda. Cervical cancer is a disease linked to poverty because 76 percent of new cervical cancer cases and 88 percent of deaths across the globe occur in developing countries with minimal resources to vaccinate, screen or treat women for this deadly disease.


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