Who We Are

Who We Are

About The Program

The Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program is a bipartisan network of spouses of members of the House, Senate, Administration, Supreme Court and the Diplomatic Community who share an interest in advancing cancer prevention, early detection and education.

The initiative began as a partnership between the Prevent Cancer Foundation, a national organization focused on cancer prevention through scientific research and education and the Congressional Club. The Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program has an Executive Council and Advisory Board that include over 200 spouses.

Launched in 1991, the program’s initial efforts focused on the areas of breast and prostate cancer. The success of the program’s first five years led to the expansion of its scope to add more preventable cancers: lung, skin, colorectal, cervical, testicular and oral cancer. The program offers spouses and family members (including Members of Congress) talking points, op-eds, letters to the editor, speeches, videos and many more program ideas and communication tools to use in their districts and beyond. With these tools, the Congressional Families Cancer Prevention program can take a broader healthy living, cancer prevention and early detection message to communities all across America and around the globe.

Below are just a few of the many efforts members have participated in to increase cancer prevent and early detection awareness including:

  • Appearing in television public service announcements (taped and distributed through the National Association of Broadcasters, a program underwriter)
  • Speaking to civic and other community groups
  • Writing articles and op-ed pieces for local papers and newsletters
  • Appearing on local television and radio talk shows
  • Organizing health fairs, special events and conferences
  • Working with health professionals to encourage a dialogue about cancer prevention
  • Participating in the signature annual awards luncheon held each fall
  • Attending informational seminars featuring leading, national medical experts

Nationwide, Congressional Families works toward a collective goal: to help saves lives through cancer prevention and early detection. Our vision is to Stop Cancer Before It Starts!

For more information about the Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program, please contact Lisa McGovern.

Executive Director

Lisa-McGovern-HeadshotLisa Murray McGovern has served as Executive Director of the Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program since 2003. The bipartisan program’s mission is to use the visibility afforded to Congressional, Administration, Supreme Court and Diplomatic spouses to carry the message of cancer prevention to communities and states throughout the country. More than 150 Congressional spouses participate in the program which is part of the Prevent Cancer Foundation, a non-profit organization.

Prior to joining Congressional Families, Lisa served as Deputy Director of Congressional Affairs at the General Services Administration from 1995-2001 during the Clinton Administration. In 1995, she was named as an alternate member of the President’s Interagency Council on Women.

From 1984 through 1995, Lisa was on personal staff in the office of Congressman Gerry Studds of Massachusetts and subsequently joined the staff of the Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee on which Mr. Studds sat and later chaired.

In 1989, Lisa married Jim McGovern of Worcester, Massachusetts.  Jim was elected to the U.S. Congress in 1996. The McGoverns have a son, Patrick George, and a daughter, Molly Ginette.

Executive Council

Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program
Executive Council 2017

Executive Director 
Lisa McGovern

Executive Committee
Pamela Dent (Republican, Pennsylvania)
Representative Debbie Dingell (Democrat, Michigan)
Brenda M. Fleishmann (Republican, Tennessee)
Barbara Grassley (Republican, Iowa)
Sarah Hospodor-Pallone (Democrat, New Jersey)
Marcelle Leahy (Democrat, Vermont)
Barbara Long (Republican, Missouri)
Dr. Deborah Malumed (Democrat, California)
Marie Royce (Republican, California)
Alfredia Scott (Democrat, Georgia)
Amanda Soto (Democrat, Florida)

Betty Ann Tanner (former Democratic Member, Tennessee)
Barbara Morris-Lent (former Republican Member, New York)
Ellen Noghès (spouse of the former U.S. Ambassador from Monaco)

The Honorable Doris Matsui (Democratic Congresswoman from California)
Caroline McMillan (former Republican Member, South Carolina)

Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program
Advisory Committee Members

Caroline Aderholt
Honey Alexander
Edward T. Allard III
Susan Allen
Marcus Bachmann, Ph.D.
Linda Bachus
M. Priyasri Bala, MD
Bobbi Barrasso
Deborah Bonito Begich
Dolores Beilenson
Judy Benishek
Karen Bentivolio
Janine Bera, M.D.
Kathryn Bishop
Vivian Bishop
Abigail Blunt
Cathy Boozman
Bridget Boustany
Stewart Boxer
Debbie Brady
Lois Breaux
Martha Brooks
Sandy Buchanan
Nancy Camp
Charlie Capito
Congresswoman Lois Capps
Barbara Capuano
Norma Cardenas
Myrna E. Cardin
Tracey Quillen Carney
Maria Elena Carrión
Emily E. Clyburn
Lisa Collins
T.J. Comer
Suzanne Conaway
Catherine “Smitty” Connolly
Monica Conyers
Sandy Cornyn
Kris Cramer
Stacy Crawford
Kitty Crenshaw
Kasey Crowley
Maya Rockeymoore Cummings
Roger Curley
Julie Dann
Shannon R. Davis
Vera G. Davis
Steven Davis, M.D.
April Delaney
Pamela Dent*
Amy DesJarlais
Suzie Dicks
Congresswoman Debbie Dingell*
Libby Doggett
Jill Donnelly
Linda Dooley
Leah Ott Dunn
Judge Annette Eckert
Lee Ann Edwards
Pat Engel
Christiane English
Diana Enzi
Dan Esty
Mary Frances Faso
Renee Chenault Fattah
Mary Ann Tinklepaugh Fish
Kathleen A. Fitzpatrick
Brenda M. Fleischmann*
Cindy Fleming
Gina Flores
Randy Florke
Celeste Fortenberry
Franni Franken
Patricia Garamendi
Jamie Gardner
Karen Lee Gerlach
Mary Jo Gibson
Lorena Saenz Gonzalez
Maryellen F. Goodlatte
Lynn Gorguze
Maude Gosar
Barbara Grassley*
Helen Green
Elizabeth Griffin
Ramon Grijalva
Lilibet Hagel
Leslie Hayes
Paula Heck
Melissa Hensarling
Amy Herbener
Mary Himes
Marty Hinojosa
Mikey Hoeven
Dr. Sonya Horsford
Susan Huffman
Kathy Hurt
Nancy Ireland
Kathy Issa
Stephanie Johanns
Payton John
Barbara Johnson
LeeAnn Johnson
Mereda Davis Johnson
Lauren Birchfield Kennedy
Gayle Kildee
Jennifer Kildee
Jennifer Kilmer
Roberta Kustoff
Wayne Kye, M.D.
Rebecca Labrador
Jill LaMalfa
Heidi Rohrbach Lance
Marcia Sloan Latta
Delores B. Lawson
Marcelle Leahy*
Barbara Morris Lent*
Barbara Levin
Bill Lewis
Judy Lipinski
Lino S. Lipinsky
Terry Loebsack
Barbara Long*
Tricia Lott
Margaret Lynch
Abby Davidson Maffei
Deborah Malumed, M.D.*
Gayle C. Manchin
Freda Manzullo
Donna Marchant
Susan Blumenthal Markey, M.D.
Laina Marshall
Brianna Mast
Congresswoman Doris Matsui
Linda McCaul
Colette McEachin
Patricia McKeon
Lori McClintock
Mary McKinley
Caroline McMillan
Debbie Meadows
Pat Mica
Vicki Miller
Cynthia Miller
Marion Munley
Nancy Murkowski
Nanette Missig Murphy
Dana Neugebauer
Ellen Noghès*
Wendy Nugent
Tori Nunnelee
Nancy Olson
Amy O’Rourke
Leighton Oshima
Jane Owens
Sarah Pallone*
Carrie McIntyre Panetta
Verma Pastor
Cynthia Pearce
Paul Pelosi
Karen Pence
Nancy Perlmutter
Christy Perry
Colleen Ochoa Peters
Anne Neal Petri
Ginny Pitts
Susan Pompeo
Gene Porter
Jane Portman
Katie Posey
Betty Price, M.D.
Lisa Price
Melinda Ross Rahall
Julie Reichert
Landra Reid
Carolina Reyes
Deana Ribble
Franki Roberts
Beth Rogers
Kristi Rogers
Kathy Rokita
Tara Rooney
Elizabeth Roskam
Cindy Hartley Ross
Marie Royce*
Loretta Runyan
Kay Ruppersberger
Janna Ryan
Nancy Salmon
Dina Sarbanes
Eve Schiff
Steve Schultz
Alfredia Scott*
Mary Sessions
Karen Sessions
Lisa Sherman
Adrienne Sires
Sarah R. Smith
Marty Sorteberg
Amanda Soto
Evie Stewart
Karen Stivers
James Sullivan
Betty Ann Tanner*
Robyn Terry
London J. Thompson
Janet Thompson
Sally Thornberry
Vicki Tiahrt
Denice Tiberi
Jean Tipton
Kris Toomey
Jill Cooper Udall
Maggie Fox Udall
Amey Upton
Katherine Van Hollen
Tonya Veasey
Rose Vela
Ray Wagner
Sue Walberg
Gwen Walz
Janet Waxman
Brenda Weber
Margaret Cheney Welch
Monica Wenstrup
Joan Westmoreland
Alvin Wiederspahn
Patty Williams
Kathryn Wittman
Carolyn Wolf
Brooke Robinson Yoder
Carolyn Yoho

*Executive Committee member