Campeonas Breast Health Outreach

Campeonas Breast Health Outreach

The Campeonas Project

In the Latina community, breast cancer screening rates are consistently low. With the support of our funders, the Campeonas project was created to address this concern by training Latinas to become health advocates within their community. Women who are 40 years of age or older attend a training to learn about the benefits of breast cancer screening and how to effectively communicate this information to their family and friends so they get screened. This culturally appropriate program allows Latinas to learn from a trusted source through materials designed by a team of professionals.

What You Need to Facilitate a Campeonas Training

Are you interested in offering this educational program for Latinas?

You can download the materials listed below in English and Spanish free of charge to conduct a training. In addition, the novela A Fortunate Encounter (Un encuentro oportuno) can be used as part of a Campeonas program or by itself as an educational hand-out. Contact us for a printable copy of the novela.

For more information on conducting a training, please contact

Campeonas Facilitators’ Guide/Guía para las facilitadoras and
Community-Level Resources/Los recursos al nivel de la comunidad

The above materials are may not be altered without written permission from the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Email

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