2016 Recipients

2016 Recipients

2016 Recipients

Organization Mixteco/Indigena Community Organizing Project (MICOP)
Location Oxnard, CA
Project Director Norma Gomez
Grant Amount $25,000

Mixteco/Indigena Community Organizing Project (MICOP) in California will launchPrevenir es Vencer (To Prevent is to Overcome), a cancer education program led by trained community educators (promotoras) that reaches Ventura County’s indigenous immigrants. Through Prevenir es Vencer, MICOP will develop and teach an evidence-based four-part curriculum on: 1) Common types of cancer; 2) Risk reduction through healthy lifestyle changes; 3) Breast awareness and mammograms; 4) Importance of well-woman visits.  One-hour workshops will be taught by promotoras in Spanish and Mixteco to 500 indigenous immigrant women.  Each module will be recorded and broadcast monthly on MICOP’s radio station, Radio Indígena, reaching at least 2,000 listeners.

Organization North Dakota State University Center for Immunization Research and Education
Location Fargo, ND
Project Director Kylie Hall
Grant Amount $25,000

North Dakota State University Center for Immunization Research and Educationwill train 200+ health care providers in North Dakota on how to promote HPV vaccination to parents and patients at medical visits. Project staff and HPV vaccination experts will canvass the state to provide peer-to-peer education to pediatric and family medicine health care providers on how to make an effective recommendation to get vaccinated against HPV.

Organization Penrose-St. Francis Health Foundation
Location Colorado Springs, CO
Project Director Teresa Labovich
Grant Amount $25,000

Penrose-St. Francis Health Foundation in Colorado Springs, Colorado, will use the grant funds to reach more than 3,000 employees and 700 community members over the age of 50, including 175 who are uninsured. The grant will provide free Fecal Immunohistochemical Testing (FIT) kits for screening and will cover several colonoscopies for low-income patients who have a positive screening test, are symptomatic or considered high risk. The goal is to increase the colorectal screening rate to 55 percent or better in its clinics, which provide care to uninusured and under-insured individuals.

Organization Philadelphia FIGHT
Location Philadelphia, PA
Project Director Stacey Trooskin
Grant Amount $25,000

Philadelphia FIGHT aims to educate about hepatitis C and test for the virus in community-based senior centers serving baby boomers. The “C a Difference” program will partner with 20 senior centers with the goal of educating 4,000 baby boomers about the link between hepatitis C and liver cancer, signs and symptoms of hepatitis C infection and modes of transmission and then testing 500 people for the virus. Patient navigators will connect individuals who are diagnosed with chronic hepatitis C with follow-up care. 

Named Grant Hologic
Puerto Rican Unity for Progress, Inc.
Location Camden, NJ
Project Director Angelica Santiago
Grant Amount $25,000

Puerto Rican Unity for Progress, Inc., will provide breast health education and assistance with breast services to at least 500 Latina women in Camden County, New Jersey. This will be done through extensive outreach using breast health educational workshops, home visits (living room sessions), referrals, vouchers, reminders and navigation for clinical breast exams and mammograms. The project staff will work in collaboration with other health partners to provide bilingual workshops and vouchers for free mammograms to uninsured and under-insured Latina women, 40 years of age or older.

Organization Milwaukee Consortium for Hmong Health
Location Milwaukee, WI
Project Director Mayhoua Moua
Grant Amount $25,000

Southeast Asian Educational Development, Inc./Milwaukee Consortium for Hmong Health seeks to improve cancer literacy and increase early detection of breast, cervical and liver cancer in Southeast Asian refugee communities in Milwaukee by using a community-based lay cancer health educators. The group will educate 125 Hmong, Burmese and other Southeast Asian refugees through small-group workshops in Wisconsin.

Organization SEAMAAC
Location Philadelphia, PA
Project Director Amy Jones
Grant Amount $25,000

Southeast Asian Mutual Assistance Associations Coalition (SEAMAAC, Inc.) in Philadelphia will collaborate with medical partners to develop community workshop materials on cancer screening recommendations. Staff will conduct 12 community workshops in Asian languages (Cambodian, Vietnamese, Mandarin and Indonesian) reaching 120 community members. Staff will schedule appointments for screenings and other primary care needs for them and their family members.

Organization Upstate Foundation
Location Syracuse, NY
Project Director Linda Veit
Grant Amount $25,000

Upstate Foundation will pilot the “WE MATTER” project to demonstrate the effectiveness of using trained Resident Health Advocates (RHAs) to reduce colorectal cancer disparities and increase colorectal cancer screening in low-income, primarily African-American men and women through peer outreach, education, screening and navigation. The target population is 803 residents, ages 30-75, of three low-income public housing developments in Syracuse, New York. 

Organization West Virginia Health Right, Inc.
Location Charleston, WV
Project Director Angie Settle
Grant Amount $25,000

West Virginia Health Right, Inc., in Charleston aims to reach 23,500 West Virginia residents with hepatitis C education and risk assessment and screen 7,500 for the virus. The individuals who test positive, estimated at 300, will receive one-on-one and group counseling to encourage behavior modification and lifestyle changes. They will be also be encouraged to attend relevant health education classes, and those who participate in needle exchange will be offered counseling. One hundred thirty will receive treatment for their infections.