Dialogue for Action® Toolkit

The Dialogue Toolkit contains materials to start and continue conversations with Dialogue colleagues and in your community about cancer screening and prevention.

To learn about evidence-based interventions and collaborations in communities working on cancer screening and prevention, view the posters that were presented at the 2017 Dialogue.

Want to discuss new cancer screening modalities or advocacy campaigns? Download the Networking Resource Guide to network with past Dialogue professionals on a variety of cancer screening issues. 


Click below to view materials and information from previous Dialogue for Action® events:

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2014 Dialogue for Action®: Right-Sizing Cancer Screening

2013 Dialogue for Action®: Hitting the Targets

2012 Dialogue for Action®: Today’s Progress, Tomorrow’s Challenge

2011 Dialogue for Action®: Prevention Now for a Healthier Tomorrow

2010 Dialogue for Action®: Prevention Hits the Headlines

2009 Dialogue for Action®: Harnessing the Power of Success