Eating Right with Dr. Ann


Healthy Eating with Dr. Ann

Simple Guidelines for a Healthy Diet
No carbs, Paleo, South Beach, Gluten Free? There are a myriad of diets currently being touted as the optimal way to eat healthy. Dr. Ann cuts through the noise with these simple guidelines for maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

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Healthy Eating – Upgrade Your Meals in Minutes!
Give your meal a healthy boost of vitamins, antioxidants and other free-radical fighters with these easy tips from Dr. Ann.

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Healthy Grocery Shopping
Grocery shopping can be overwhelming, especially when trying to separate healthy food from the junk. Dr. Ann provides some easy-to-follow “rules of the road” for the basic destinations within the grocery store during your next trip.

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Healthy Snacking
Despite what many snack companies might lead you to believe, not all snacks are created equal! Chips, cookies and other chocolate covered or sodium loaded foods are hardly the right way to curb a hungry stomach. Dr. Ann covers the benefits of healthy snacking along with many suggestions for tasty and widely available alternatives.

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