2018 Toolkit

The Dialogue for Action® Toolkit contains materials to start and continue conversations with Dialogue colleagues and in your community about cancer screening and prevention.

To learn about evidence-based interventions and collaborations in communities working on cancer screening and prevention, view the posters and presentations that were presented throughout the 2018 Dialogue.

2018 Dialogue agenda

2018 Presentations
Review presenters’ slideshows and audio recordings

2018 Conversations 

This year’s poster session theme was “Community-based Programs or Practices in Cancer Screening or Prevention.” The Dialogue poster session highlighted 19 projects and programs from across the country. This year’s top ranked poster was Human Papillomavirus Prevention in North Dakota’s Youth: Early Results of an HPV Educational Project Targeted at Health Care Professional Communication, presented by Danielle Pinnick, MPH and Paul J. Carson, MD, FACP with North Dakota State University Center for Immunization Research and Education. Stay tuned for an interview with our top ranked poster presenters.  View the full list of posters displayed at the 2018 Dialogue.


Preventing cancer is kind of a big deal, right?

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