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Image for ICYMI, May 24, 2019

ICYMI, May 24, 2019

Feature story A.I. Took a Test to Detect Lung Cancer. It Got an A. MONDAY, May 20, 2019 (The New York Times)—Computers were as good or better than doctors at detecting tiny lung cancers on CT scans, in a study by researchers from Google and several medical centers. The technology is a work in progress, […]

Image for ICYMI, May 17, 2019

ICYMI, May 17, 2019

  Feature story How you can get lung cancer, even if you don’t smoke SATURDAY, May 11, 2019 (Fox)—You don’t have to smoke to get lung cancer. In fact, as many as 20 percent of people with lung cancer have never smoked. And many of those people are diagnosed with the disease when it’s at […]

Image for ICYMI, May 10, 2019

ICYMI, May 10, 2019

Feature story Chemicals from sunscreen get into your blood: Here’s what that means TUESDAY, May 7, 2019 (Fox)–When people slather on sunscreen, chemicals in the products are absorbed into the bloodstream, and the health effects are still unknown, a new government study reports. The study, conducted by researchers at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), […]

Image for ICYMI, May 3, 2019

ICYMI, May 3, 2019

Feature story Teens Say They Don’t Vape, They Juul, Making E-Cigarette Use Hard to Track MONDAY, April 29, 2019 (Bloomberg)—A language gap is making it harder for U.S. health officials to measure a teen-vaping epidemic. For some young people who use the popular vaping device sold by Juul Labs Inc., “juuling” is a verb in […]

Image for ICYMI, April 26, 2019

ICYMI, April 26, 2019

  Feature story Vaping teens exposed to as much nicotine as tobacco smokers but don’t know it MONDAY, April 22, 2019 (NBC)—Many teens who use e-cigarettes aren’t aware they are inhaling nicotine when they vape, even though they are often taking in high levels of the addictive substance, a new study suggests. You might have […]

Image for ICYMI, April 19, 2019

ICYMI, April 19, 2019

Feature story The disturbing links between too much weight and several types of cancer SUNDAY, April 14, 2019 (The Washington Post)—Smoking has been the No. 1 preventable cause of cancer for decades and still kills more than 500,000 people a year in the United States. But obesity is poised to take the top spot, as […]

Image for ICYMI, April 12, 2019

ICYMI, April 12, 2019

Feature story Texas Senate votes to raise smoking age to 21, exempting active military members THURSDAY, April 11, 2019 (Fox News)—The Texas Senate voted in favor of Bill 21 Tuesday that would raise the state’s legal age to buy and use tobacco products from 18 to 21 after an amendment was added to exempt active […]

Image for ICYMI, April 5, 2019

ICYMI, April 5, 2019

Feature story Colon cancer misdiagnosis in younger adults is a concern, study suggests MONDAY, April 1, 2019 (CNN)—Kim Newcomer was knowledgeable about colon cancer; her father was diagnosed with the disease at age 46, she said. So after returning from a trip to the Dominican Republic in 2008, when she complained of constipation to her […]

Image for ICYMI, March 29, 2019

ICYMI, March 29, 2019

Feature story FDA wants women to get breast-density information along with their mammograms WEDNESDAY, March 27, 2019 (The Washington Post)—The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday proposed requiring mammogram providers to tell women with dense breast tissue that the condition could make it harder to interpret their screening tests and to recommend that they talk […]

Image for ICYMI, March 22, 2019

ICYMI, March 22, 2019

Feature story San Francisco weighing first-of-its-kind ban on e-cigarettes TUESDAY, March 19, 2019 (NBC)—San Francisco is trying to crack down on electronic cigarettes that critics say aggressively target kids. An official on Tuesday proposed what’s thought to be the first U.S. ban on their sale until the federal government regulates vaping products. You might have also […]