Step Away 5K: Getting Back on Track

May 27, 2010

by Jan Bresch

It’s not easy.

The last several months have been challenging for me health wise. But I’m on the upturn, except for getting back into my normal exercise routine. If anyone has an easy fix for this I’d love to hear it.  I foolishly thought I could pick it up again with no problem.  I was kidding myself.

Months of slacking off are not easy to break. Even thought I meet once a week with a Pilates instructor I find I don’t hit the gym unless she’s waiting.  And as luck would have it, we’ve had to miss a couple of sessions because of scheduling conflicts.   Next week will be better – I promise.

Sister Getting Fit
While I’m not getting off to a great start my sister is.  Tired of being overweight and feeling lousy, she asked me to help her set up a diet and exercise program.   Between her high blood pressure and high cholesterol, she’s a heart attack waiting to happen.  I agreed to help her and said if she did exactly what I instructed she could lose up to 10 pounds in about a month.  Basically we were going to get rid of all the fat and starch products she lived on, and add 30 minutes of exercise each day.  Not surprisingly, the exercise part was easy for her. Eating healthfully; that was another story.  Her diet consisted of red meat, white potatoes, very little vegetables, and practically no fruit.

Now a little over 3 weeks into the program she’s lost 8 pounds, feels great and has thrown out the 10 pound goal and replaced it with let’s make it a whole new life!

Guess I have to get my rear in gear now…..

One thought on “Step Away 5K: Getting Back on Track”

  1. Joan says:

    What great news on your sister!!! Now you need her to motivate you. 😉

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