Prevent Cancer Advocacy Workshop 2018


2019 Prevent Cancer Advocacy Workshop

April 24, 2019
Hilton Crystal City
Arlington, VA

The Prevent Cancer Advocacy Workshop is an annual conference that convenes stakeholders to discuss pressing issues that impact cancer prevention and early detection, as well as novel approaches to address these issues through policy and advocacy. The Workshop is an open forum that allows participants to immerse themselves in engaging presentations, facilitated conversations and build capacity for creative solutions through collaboration with other attendees.

Advocacy News & Events


News | Dec 13, 2018When it comes to fighting cancer, we’re all on the same team
News | Dec 7, 2018Power. Progress. Prevention. December 7, 2018
News | Dec 5, 2018The Prevent Cancer Foundation® mourns the loss of President George H.W. Bush
News | Dec 3, 2018FDA makes landmark decision on menthol cigarettes, takes small steps in e-cigarette use
News | Nov 15, 2018“Families Helping Families” at the 26th Annual Action for Cancer Awareness Awards Luncheon
News | Nov 9, 2018Sharon Y. Eubanks honored for her leadership in tobacco control
News | Nov 9, 2018Power. Progress. Prevention. November 9, 2018
News | Oct 26, 2018Power. Progress. Prevention. October 26, 2018
News | Oct 25, 2018Nominations now open: 2019 Cancer Prevention Laurels Awards
News | Oct 12, 2018Power. Progress. Prevention. October 12, 2018
News | Sep 28, 2018Power. Progress. Prevention. September 28, 2018
News | Sep 19, 2018Patient Groups and Doctors Tell Congress to Pass Medicare Virtual Colonoscopy Coverage
News | Sep 14, 2018Power. Progress. Prevention. September 14, 2018
News | Aug 31, 2018Power. Progress. Prevention. August 31, 2018
News | Aug 21, 2018Women’s Health Advocates Applaud USPSTF Decision To Retain Co-Testing in Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines
News | Aug 17, 2018Power. Progress. Prevention. August 17, 2018
News | Aug 6, 2018Trump administration releases final rule on short-term, limited duration health plans
News | Aug 6, 2018Department of Housing and Urban Development moves to protect residents from secondhand smoke
News | Aug 3, 2018Power. Progress. Prevention. August 3, 2018
News | Jul 20, 2018Power. Progress. Prevention. July 20, 2018
News | Jul 19, 2018The Prevent Cancer Foundation® commends Reps. Young and DeLauro for protecting access to comprehensive cervical cancer screening
News | Jul 18, 2018New CDC registry could help identify link between firefighting and cancer
News | Jul 9, 2018The Prevent Cancer Foundation® commends and commemorates winners of the Global Lung Cancer Coalition (GLCC) Excellence in Journalism Award
News | Jul 6, 2018Power. Progress. Prevention. July 6, 2018
News | Jun 22, 2018Power. Progress. Prevention. June 22, 2018
News | Jun 8, 2018Power. Progress. Prevention. June 8, 2018
News | Jun 7, 2018NCI-Designated Cancer Centers Endorse Goal of Eliminating HPV-Related Cancers
News | Jun 4, 2018The Prevent Cancer Foundation® supports American Cancer Society’s new screening recommendations for colorectal cancer
News | May 25, 2018Power. Progress. Prevention. May 25, 2018
News | May 11, 2018Power. Progress. Prevention. May 11, 2018
News | Apr 16, 2018Former first lady Barbara Bush not seeking further treatment
News | Apr 13, 2018Power. Progress. Prevention. April 13, 2018
News | Apr 4, 2018PALS Act moratorium extended through December 31, 2019
News | Feb 2, 2018Power. Progress. Prevention. February 2, 2018
News | Jan 19, 2018Kentucky imposes mandatory work requirements for Medicaid recipients
News | Jan 5, 2018Power. Progress. Prevention. January 5, 2018

Preventing cancer is kind of a big deal, right?

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