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Published in March, 2011

Sunny Walia's Skin Cancer Screening Story

The Determined Dermatologist It’s no surprise that dermatologists care about skin cancer. But what happens to a dermatologist who has a family member diagnosed with the disease? Sunny Walia, assistant professor of dermatology and director of dermatologic laser surgery at George Washington University knows everything there is to know about sun safety, but when someone […]

Mary Ellen Kirkbride's Lung Cancer Story

A True Fighter Nearly five years ago, Mary-Ellen Kirkbride responded to a lung cancer researcher’s call for help. Her intent was simple — to honor her father’s memory. Little did she know her own life was about to be saved. Kirkbride knew the lung cancer statistics all too well. She had lost her father to lung cancer years […]

Speed Demos Archive Marathon Raises Over $53,000 in Cancer Prevention Funding

Speed Demos Archive (SDA) may not be a household name to readers of the Prevent Cancer Foundation blog, but the group’s latest five day, round-the-clock marathon raised over $53,000 for cancer prevention and early detection. The marathon titled, “Awesome Games Done Quick” (AGDQ), took place from January 6-11 in a Chevy Chase, MD 4-H community center […]

Image for Colorectal Screening Story: Patrick and Michael Skehan

Colorectal Screening Story: Patrick and Michael Skehan

The funeral was packed with over 300 people, each one wanting to pay their respects to Patrick Skehan – one of the most light-hearted and caring 60-year olds they’d ever met. As they picked up funeral programs and prayer cards, many also took colorectal cancer awareness “buddy” bracelets and cancer prevention pamphlets provided by the […]

Prevent Cancer Foundation Launches National Colorectal Cancer Screening Competition

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 1, 2011 MEDIA CONTACT: Liona Chan (703) 519-2107 (ALEXANDRIA, VA)—In recognition of National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, the Prevent Cancer Foundation is launching the Screening Saves Lives Challenge on March 1. The Challenge is a national competition for community based organizations to submit their best ideas for colorectal cancer (CRC) screening […]

Young Advocates Turn Loss Into Inspiration

Twin sisters Hailey and Alyssa celebrated their 11th birthday in December. It is a bittersweet day for them and their family – the joy of their birth was accompanied by an unthinkable tragedy. Their father died the evening they were born, eleven years ago, from colorectal cancer. The girls never knew their father. But they’ve […]

Donna Gutierrez's Breast Cancer Story

A Wake-Up Call From Cancer Donna Gutierrez, a home mortgage broker in Virginia, was living the fast life. A single mother with two grown children, she barely ate anything and kept long hours at work. “I lived off of coffee and cigarettes,” Gutierrez admits. Her hectic, commission-based job left her with no time for friends […]

Grace Bender's Breast Cancer Story

Armed with Information If watching her mother have a radical mastectomy, her father suffer from kidney cancer and her brother struggle with multiple myeloma taught Grace Bender anything, it was to pay attention to her health and ever-evolving medical technology. “I read a lot about health issues because of my interest in helping people become their […]