Kathy Nucifora

COLA, Former State Fairs Consultant

“In the early 1990’s I began working with the Foundation doing Health Awareness outreach projects in Kansas and several other states. Providing residents of rural communities with information and connections to the health services they need, and my association with the Prevent Cancer Foundation, has been an amazing honor over the years.

Everyone has a few significant moments in their lives that seem to steer us forward along our careers. One such moment for me was after a long, hard, hot day of work at the Bob Dole Health Awareness Booth at the Kansas State Fair. As I was beginning to close down the booth for the day, a farmer and his wife approached me – the wife eager to speak to me while her husband stood back a bit. The woman told me that during last year’s Health Awareness event at the fair, her husband had come, at her insistence, to be screened for prostate cancer. The man was in his early 50’s, and they were both shocked when he was subsequently diagnosed with early prostate cancer. The woman told me how very thankful they both were; she took my hand and began to cry, saying, “I really need him. Thank you!” They walked away together holding hands and suddenly the rest of the week didn’t seem so long, so hard, nor so hot.

Years later, a graduate school professor of mine articulated the significance of that moment for me. One of life’s greatest motivators, she said, is meaningful work.

I have been proud to work with the Prevent Cancer Foundation, and am thankful for the purpose that the experiences have added to my life.

Congratulations to all of the wonderful people at the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Your 25 years of service has made a substantial difference in the lives of many, many people.”