Tool Kit

Welcome to the Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program! Founded in 1991 as a partnership between the Congressional Club and the non-profit organization now known as the Prevent Cancer Foundation, Congressional Families is a unique network of legislative and executive branch families committed to raising awareness that you CAN reduce your risk for cancer.

Empowerment is goal of this program and this tool kit. We want to empower you to take these important messages back home and, in turn, empower your community to make lifestyle choices that reduce their risk for this disease.

In the downloadable document below, you will find important information about the prevention and early detection of cancer. And while our focus is cancer prevention specifically, the suggestions are important to overall wellness and disease prevention beyond cancer as well. The appeal is wide and our call for action is to all concerned with good health. You will find ideas and vehicles for you to get those messages out into your home communities. They are specifically designed to be portable, flexible and user friendly to spouses who live a very busy life!

Complete Congressional Families Tool Kit: download/view