Campeonas Breast Health Outreach

The Campeonas Project

Interested in offering culturally appropriate educational outreach for breast-cancer screening for Latinas? The Campeonas materials from the Prevent Cancer Foundation prepare Latinas, age 40 or older who are committed to advocating for women’s health, to serve as Campeonas who encourage their friends and family to be screened. Click here for more information about the project. The materials include a facilitators’ guide and community-level resources which are available in Spanish and in English and are downloadable free of charge. In addition, the novela “A Timely Encounter” (Un encuentro oportuno) can be used as part of a Campeonas program or by itself as an educational hand-out for Latinas.

For a printable copy of the novela please email

Campeonas training is four hours of facilitated, experience-based skills development to prepare participants to “start a conversation” about breast cancer screening with women whom they know. Activities include:

  • Role play to practice talking about screening.
  • Other interactive exercises to encourage sensitivity and effective communication and to distinguish between breast cancer myths and facts.

With this training, Campeonas will be able to increase the motivation and intention of their friends and family to get screened.

Campeonas training and materials were designed and developed by a team of professionals, many of whom are bicultural and bilingual, with a careful eye to ensuring language and cultural appropriateness. Pilot testing was conducted on both the training and community levels, and the Facilitators’ Guide was developed with a solid foundation of formative research. If you’re thinking about starting a Campeonas program for your organization, the Guide has suggestions for how to start and run your own program.

What You Need to Facilitate a Campeonas Training

The following list of documents in English and Spanish contains what you need to download to implement a Campeonas training. The Campeonas Facilitators’ Guide/Guía para las facilitadoras gives you information and instructions for the activities, and the rest of the documents are training tools and handouts that you will also use. Keep in mind that the novela is also a free-standing resource that is appropriate for a variety of community uses.

Documents specific to a local community, such as the recruitment flyer and the list of programs with free mammograms are interactive templates for your convenience. All documents are downloadable at no cost.

Campeonas Facilitators’ Guide/Guía para las facilitadoras and
Community-Level Resources/Los recursos al nivel de la comunidad

The Foundation would like to express its appreciation to Susan G. Komen® for its generous support of the Campeonas project as part of the ¡Celebremos la vida! program.