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Want to see what it’s like to have the Super Colon at a community event? Here are some looks over 2 years from 2009-2011.

Lewiston, Maine / Central Maine Medical Center

October 8-9, 2011Back to top

Last month, the Prevent Cancer Foundation participated in the Dempsey Challenge presented by Amgen. The event is a fundraiser for The Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing at Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston, Maine. And while it raises funds for the Dempsey Center to provide services free of charge to patients and the community, the event also brings the community together through the Lifestyle Festival, walking, cycling, running, and a celebration of survivors, prevention and wellness. The Prevent Cancer Super Colon exhibit was prominently featured as part of the Health and Wellness exhibit, and many of the several thousand individuals that participated in the event stopped to make their way through the colon.

The reaction of the visitors to the colon is always different. Many of the younger visitors scrunch their nose and say “yuck.” Other young visitors think it is a moon bounce and run through it repeatedly. But I am always most touched by the adults who stop, pick up information about colon cancer prevention and screening, and take time to share their personal stories. I’ve heard from so many men and women whose lives have been saved because polyps were removed before they became cancer or because they were found in the early stages of cancer, enabling successful treatment. They talk about their own experiences with colonoscopy. “It was not nearly as bad as I thought” is a common phrase used, and visitors talk about how they encourage – sometimes insist – that their family and friends get screened.

Lansing, Michigan / Ingham Regional Medical Center

August 10, 2011Back to top
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Our tour of Michigan ended in Lansing at the Ingham Regional Medical Center on August 10. We set up in the parking lot near the patient entrance and saw a variety of people. Angela McFall coordinated the event and recruited volunteers to help attract people, hand out materials and answer questions. Not only did patients stop by, but doctors and nurses came outside to spend their break times in the Prevent Cancer Super Colon! Healthcare professionals in many different departments enjoyed learning about colorectal cancer.

Dorr, Michigan / Health and Human Services Department


August 8, 2011Back to top
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The second event was in the town of Dorr, a short half hour drive south of Grand Rapids. The Gun Lake Tribe’s (Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band of Pottawatomi Indians) Health and Human Services Department celebrated their new Wellness Center offices with a great open house. The combined attraction of the Prevent Cancer Super Colon, the variety of services available at the wellness center, the great reception and the raffle prizes drew out much of the community on August 8. Even Tribal Chairman D.K. Sprague walked through the exhibit, which was filmed for the tribal archives. The entire event, organized by Phyllis Davis, was a success!

Mount Pleasant, Michigan / Annual Saginaw Chippewa Pow Wow


August 6, 2011Back to top
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My first event was in Mt. Pleasant, about an hour north of Lansing. It was a privilege to be part of the 27th Annual Saginaw Chippewa Pow Wow on August 6! The event was initially set up outside in a giant circle of tents, but due to the rain, it was moved inside the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort. Throughout the afternoon we were able to not only reach tribal members but also the general public visiting the casino. Thanks to Tracy Pigeon and some very enthusiastic volunteers, we had a productive day with over 600 people walking through our exhibit.

Sault Ste Marie / Sault Tribe Health Center


July 26, 2011Back to top
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About five hours in the other direction of “the U.P.” is a town called Sault Ste Marie that borders Canada. Sault Ste Marie (pronounced “soo saint marie”) is home to the Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians. On July 26 Amanda Leonard organized a tent outside of the Sault Tribe Health Center that included the Prevent Cancer Super Colon and educational booths about breast cancer, sexual health and the dangers of tobacco use. Many people who worked for or had appointments at the Health Center stopped by to learn more about cancer prevention.

Baraga, Michigan / Keneenaw Bay Indian Community


July 22, 2011Back to top
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On July 22 we set up the Prevent Cancer Super Colon in Baraga (pronounced “bear-ga”), a beautiful little town on Lake Superior that is part of the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community. Kathy Mayo put together a fantastic Cancer Prevention Carnival that highlighted the Prevent Cancer Super Colon and also featured snacks, a clown and educational booths about lung, oral and breast cancer. Children of all ages came through, some who learned the word “colon” for the first time and some who were happy to take information home to keep their parents healthy.


Atlanta, Georgia / Centennial Olympic Park


June 15, 2011Back to top
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The Prevent Cancer Foundation had the incredible opportunity to exhibit the Prevent Cancer Super ColonTM in Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park on June 15th. Centennial Park, in the heart of downtown “Hotlanta”, is a gathering place for so many people to enjoy and celebrate, since it is one of the city’s 1996 Olympic Games’ host legacy projects. The Olympic torch has been extinguished for more than a decade now, but the park provides a unique and festive spot for downtown Atlanta’s workforce, parents with children and for those attending the large conventions at the Georgia Dome.

With such a remarkable backdrop and with hundreds of children cooling off in the Fountain of Rings, the Prevent Cancer Super Colon stop, made possible through the support of Amgen, soon became one of the day’s most sought out attractions. The Foundation welcomed more than 800 individuals through the Prevent Cancer Super Colon.  Many adults expressed great interest in knowing more about colorectal cancer prevention and many others shared their own experiences with colitis and polyps or stories of colon cancer battles. Overall, the hundreds of people who stopped by were quite diverse in age, race, and ethnic background. A host of children, coming directly from the Fountain of Rings, made it through the Super Colon in their wet swimsuits and for the first time in the history of the exhibit, a group of runners literally jogged through the Prevent Cancer Super Colon.

The Foundation partnered with Morehouse School of Medicine, Georgia Cancer Coalition, Northside Hospital, and American Cancer Society for the day’s educational exhibit. They were able to assist local individuals with specific questions about upcoming events, and colorectal cancer screenings and treatment.

One of the day’s highlights was when survivors who visited the Prevent Cancer Super Colon encouraged others to get regular colonoscopies.

Richmond, California / California Department of Public Health (CDPH)


April 6, 2011Back to top
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Marking a milestone in the advancement of public health, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) commemorated the 10-yr anniversary of the CDPH laboratory in Richmond, California on April 6th by bringing the Prevent Cancer SuperColon™to the campus along with demonstrations of other public health programs. The celebration occurred during National Public Health Week and underscored the vital role the laboratory plays in enabling scientists to identify and track diseases and contaminations.  “As one of the largest public facilities in the nation, the laboratory provides fundamental scientific services that directly protect the life of everyone in California,” said CDPH Interim Director Dr. Howard Backer, who spoke at the event.

Californian’s lives are also protected through the California Colon Cancer Control Program (CCCCP) whose mission is to save lives by preventing and reducing the devastating effects of colon cancer for Californians through education, early detection, diagnosis and treatment, and integrated preventive services, with special emphasis on the underserved.  CCCCP is a federally funded program, run by the CDPH, established to increase awareness of colon cancer through public health education.  Unlike many other cancers, colon cancer is preventable, treatable, and beatable through early detection.

New York, New York / Colon Cancer Challenge Race

March 27, 2011Back to top
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A cold, crisp and sunny morning this past weekend saw nearly 1,200 visitors at the Prevent Cancer Foundation’s Super Colon as the exhibit was part of the prevention and wellness fair at the 8th Annual Colon Cancer Challenge Race in Central Park, N.Y. The fair sponsored by the Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation and sanofi-aventis U.S. was an integral part of the race event that focuses on raising awareness about colon cancer, screening, and leading a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and a good diet.

“This charity race is really inclusive. Whether you want to walk, jog, or run there is an event for you”, said one runner as he toured the exhibit. The race had over 6,000 participants and raised over $400,000.

The Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation had the Prevent Cancer Super Colon onsite to spread the message of cancer prevention and early detection. Visitors learned about the importance of colorectal screening, prevention tips, risks for developing colorectal cancer, symptoms and treatment options. They also had facing painting, balloon art for the kids and a dietician with healthy eating tips. A patient navigator and exercise physiologist rounded out the professionals offering information.

Nashville, Tennessee / Tennessee Comprehensive Cancer Control Program & Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center

March 26, 2011Back to top
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Nashville is known as the home of country music, Southern hospitality and warm weather. The morning of Saturday, March 26 dawned – and as luck would have it – it was windy and cold. But that didn’t stop thePrevent Cancer Foundation’s Super Colon exhibit at Nashville’s Farmers’ Market.

What started out as a slow morning quickly began to change about the time “Elvis” was in the market. Folks loaded down with their fresh fruits and vegetables started strolling over to see why Elvis was hanging out with a large, 8 ft tall, 20 foot long, inflatable colon – and exactly what it was. Initially, there was a look of shock on some faces and a few skeptical comments ranging from, “Oh man, it’s really a colon,” followed quickly by, “I’m not going in there.” But one by one they filed through – and learned about colon cancer facts, risk factors and early detection. One young couple and their daughter traveled 30 miles to see the Super Colon, asked a few questions, and shared some concerns.

I want to thank our partners that made the Nashville Super Colon stop possible; theTennessee Comprehensive Cancer Control Program and Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center. Both organizations did an outstanding job getting local media interested in the exhibit and getting the word out to the community. Also, our sincere gratitude to sanofi-aventis for sponsoring the event. Interested in learning more about colorectal cancer (CRC), want to ask a question or share your personal story? Visit

Oakville, Washington / South Puget Intertribal Planning Agency

March 19, 2011Back to top
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The Chehalis Tribal Community Center in Washington state was buzzing last weekend with a “March to Prevention”. The health fair included a Colon Health Bingo, diabetes testing, Zumba demonstrations, hands on lung cancer exhibit with real (yuck) lungs, prostate cancer info, raffles, a necklace workshop, fabulous community meals and the Prevent Cancer Super Colon. They also had a panel of speakers from three different tribes share their experiences.

The South Puget Intertribal Planning Agency (SPIPA) brings together the Chehalis, Cowlitz, Nisqually, Shoalwater Bay, Skokomish, Quinault and Squaxin Island tribes. These seven tribes are stepping away from cancer by offering their communities information to help them reduce their risk of cancer by walking a path that includes exercise, healthy eating, no alcohol or commercial tobacco use and getting screened early for preventable cancers.

SPIPA offers patient navigators for each of the tribes who work in the colon health program and assist in getting people screened.

Santa Rosa, California / Sonoma County Oncology Nursing Society

March 12, 2011Back to top
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The Prevent Cancer Super Colon™ and a tsunami hit northern California at the same time this week as the Sonoma County Oncology Nursing Society (SCONS) hosted the exhibit at the Coddingtown Mall in Santa Rosa, CA. The collaborative effort that SCONS put together included Kaiser Permanente, Santa Rosa Gastroenterlogy, Redwood Regional Medical Group, Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, and other corporate sponsors. Along with a stroll through the Prevent Cancer SuperColon to highlight the importance of screening for colorectal cancer visitors had a chance to chat with onsite gastroenterology doctors and nurses, the event was a wonderful contribution to the community!

Portland, Oregon / Providence Cancer Center & The Oregon Clinic

February 23, 2011Back to top
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Check out a wonderful survivor’s story as snow and the Prevent Cancer Super Colon™ came together this week to Portland, Oregon. The media had a busy day as they covered the nearly 500 people that turned out for the event, in spite of the weather. Sponsored by the Providence Cancer Center and The Oregon Clinic this fabulous day-long community event had tours, presentations, information, experts to answer questions, healthy snack samples and prize drawings.

The great on-site experts from both organizations not only offered tours of the exhibit, but spent time with individuals answering questions and sharing information about prevention and early detection. Healthy eating was also a headliner as a nutritionist talked about diet and provided healthy snacks. Presentations throughout the day gave attendees the opportunity to explore genetic factors, nutrition, screening and other topics in depth. The enthusiastic staff helped everyone who visited the Super Colon understand the message that colon cancer is Preventable, Treatable, Beatable!

Lafayette, Colorado / Boulder Valley School District

September 13, 2010Back to top

The Boulder Valley School District got an A+ for its health fair last week. Keeping your people healthy is a challenge even the government struggles with, but getting information into the hands of your community and offering health screening all rolled up into one event is a win for everyone.

The health fair offered information on healthy lifestyles, health insurance, and much more. It also offered onsite screening for diabetes and high cholesterol. Along with a stroll through the Prevent Cancer SuperColon to highlight the importance of screening for colorectal cancer and a chance to chat with onsite gastroenterology doctors, the event was a wonderful contribution to the community!

See it on YouTube!

Spokane, Washington / Community Health Education & Resources

September 3 – 4, 2010Back to top

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The Spokane, WA stop at River Park Square mall sponsored by the Community Health Education & Resources was a great hit, with nearly 5000 people touring the Prevent Cancer SuperColon over the holiday weekend. It was a beautiful weekend and people of all ages enjoyed the exhibit. Visitors mentioned having already had a colonoscopy done, while others mentioned that they planned to schedule a screening in the near future.

One young man mentioned that his father had passed away from colon cancer at a young age, and he had no idea that he would be at a greater risk for the disease. He noted that he planned to discuss his family history with his doctor at his next visit. Several young women also mentioned that they were unaware that men and women were equally at risk for colorectal cancer and were glad to learn more about the disease. The stop was a great success as many people were educated by the interactive tool and given colorectal screening guidelines and literature.

Battle Creek, Michigan / Battle Creek Community Foundation

August 17 – 20, 2010Back to top

What do tractors, ponies, cotton candy and the Prevent Cancer SuperColon™ have in common? The Calhoun County Fair, that’s what! Running annually for the last 162 years it is the oldest fair in Michigan. The Battle Creek Community Foundation and the Regional Health Alliance hosted the Prevent Cancer Foundation’s exhibit to highlight prevention awareness about colon cancer in their community and to promote screenings by encouraging visitors to begin a discussion about the disease.

Nearly 700 people turned out as the Calhoun County Cancer Control Coalition (5C’s) offered bicycle giveaways, a mock-up of a colonoscopy procedure room, healthy food and cooking demos, Senior exercise class, multiple health screenings and much, much more.

See it on YouTube!

San Francisco, California / California Colon Cancer Control Program

May 15, 2010Back to top

YouTube Video!
At this year’s Asian Heritage Festival, visitors were invited to take a stroll through a giant colon: an inflatable pink tunnel, lined with healthy tissue, abnormal growths, protruding polyps, and informative facts. The California Colon Cancer Control Program (CCCCP) brought the Prevent Cancer Super Colon to San Francisco for the first time. This interactive educational tool has traveled to over 100 cities nationwide in the past year. The message is simple: Colon cancer is preventable, treatable, and beatable.

CCCCP, a new initiative of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is working to increase California’s colon cancer screening rate to 80% by 2014. Across the country, 21 other states and four tribal organizations are doing the same. The target group is people 50 years and older, with an emphasis on high-risk populations. Recent medical studies show that colon cancer disproportionately affects African Americans, Native Americans, Latinos, Asians, and recent immigrants.

“This is not due to genetic dispositions,” says Ellen Lee, Health Education Consultant for CCCCP, “It is really a health utilization issue.”

High-risk communities often have less information and/or access to available resources. CCCCP actively encourages those with health insurance to get screened through their health care providers, and identifies resources for those who are uninsured or under-insured. The Asian Heritage Street Celebration is a perfect opportunity to reach the diverse array of Asian Americans in the Bay Area. With the exhibit’s playful appeal, Lee says, “It can be a great way to get the whole family involved.”

Deland, Florida / Florida Hospital, Deland

April 30 – May 1, 2010Back to top

YouTube Video!
The Prevent Cancer Super Colon was in DeLand, FL over the weekend, sponsored by Florida Hospital, Deland. More than 500 people toured the exhibit on the beautiful day in Florida. Many survivors of colorectal cancer mentioned that having a colonoscopy saved their lives, while others noted that they planned to schedule a screening in the near future.

Manitowoc, Wisconsin / Holy Family Memorial

April 17, 2010Back to top
When a community comes together to learn how to take better care of themselves – good outcomes can happen! On Saturday, April 17th, over 300 people came to see the Prevent Cancer Foundation SuperColon™ in Manitowoc, WI. Holy Family Memorial Hospital staff did an extraordinary job of creating “Polypaloosa,” a wellness fair covering many areas of health and wellness with booths, games, screenings, lectures and the SuperColon™. One gentleman stopped after going through the exhibit and grabbed my hand, “I’m 86 years young this month. I had three colonoscopies so far and I’ll continue to get one when my doctor tells me I need to. Yes, it’s not fun but I’ve got a few good years ahead of me and I’m going to make the most of them.”

By the end of the event, folks were standing around talking about what they had learned and what they were going to do. Motivating friends, family, colleagues and neighbors to “own their own health” and take care of themselves is what the SuperColon™ endeavors to accomplish.

Loveland, Colorado / Medical Center of the Rockies

April 17, 2010Back to top

YouTube Video!
Springtime in the Rockies has never been so healthy! The Prevent Cancer SuperColon™was part of a very successful event as it greeted people on the way in to the 9Health Fair at Medical Center of the Rockies. Poudre Valley Health System and MCR staff put together an extraordinary communtiy fair offering many health stations including screenings for colon cancer, breast and cervical, diabetes, cardiac, vision, obesity and many more. Healthy diets and nutrition were also headliners on display as “Super Foods for a Super Colon ” healthy recipes got handed out and you saw a table full of “super” foods you can use every day.

Daytona Beach, Florida / Florida Hospital Centers

March 27 – 29, 2010Back to top

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The Volusia Mall exhibit stop in Daytona Beach, Florida was a huge success! Beginning at 10am on Saturday, March 27 and ending at 8pm on Monday, March 29, the Prevent Cancer Super Colon entertained nearly 2500 visitors! Hosted by the Florida Hospital Centers, they supplied “rectal rangers” who were available to conduct… personal tours and offer medical advice or answer questions. The Florida Hospital system was offering free screening cards to everyone who registered as a visitor to the event, and they also had free lectures and healthy food demos daily.

Houston, Texas / MD Anderson Cancer Center

March 27, 2010Back to top

YouTube Video!
M. D. Anderson S.C.O.P.E. (Sprint for Colorectal Oncology Prevention and Education) organizers brought the Prevent Cancer SuperColon to celebrate their 5th Annual event! The 5K S.C.O.P.E walk/run was attended by nearly 1,500 people, doubling their attendance from last year. Many of the runners came in “teams” to represent a friend or family member. Some of the “teams” had over a 100 members. The food was great and a live band kept everyone tapping their running shoes even after the race.

Houston, Texas / “Great Day Houston”, KHOU-TV CBS

March 22, 2010Back to top

See exhibit on KHOU-TV

Prevent Cancer SuperColon getting ready for its close-up on KHOU-TV CBS Great Day Houston. Great coverage for the Foundation with Executive Vice President Jan Bresch Mahrer giving tips on screening and prevention and a guided tour of the colon by a doctor from Memorial Hermann Hospital.

Abilene, Texas / Hendrick Cancer Center

March 22, 2010Back to top

YouTube Video!
Hard working staff and volunteers, from Hendrick Cancer Center, made for a knock-out Prevent Cancer SuperColon event in Abilene, Texas. All visitors were given tours of the colon and shared in healthy snacks provided by the Center. Nursing students and high school science students learned that colorectal cancer is Preventable, Treatable, Beatable!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / Thomas Jefferson Medical School

March 17, 2010Back to top

The Prevent Cancer SuperColon celebrated St. Patrick’s Day on the Thomas Jefferson University Medical School campus. Jefferson medical students gave visitors tours through the exhibit throughout the day. Dr. Edith Mitchell, Clinical Professor, Jefferson Medical College, Department of Medical Oncology rounded off the visit with a panel discussion open to the public featuring Thomas Jefferson University health professionals as well as patient perspectives.

Tualatin, Oregon / Legacy Meridian Park Hospital

March 4, 2010Back to top

YouTube video!

Making a strong connection with their community, Legacy Meridian Park Hospital went above and beyond, in their hosting of the Prevent Cancer SuperColon on March 4, 2010. The big success was helped by the doctors and nurses who took the time to be on site, answering questions for the public about Colon Cancer and how you get screened. Congratulations on doing a great job on highlighting prevention for the Portland area!

Renfro Valley, Kentucky / Rockcastle “Cruise in the Valley” Classic Car Show

November 7, 2009Back to top

See the Super Colon “Cruise in the Valley”. YouTube video!

The Prevent Cancer SuperColon™ went to the 6th annual “Cruisin in the Valley” classic car show in Renfro Valley, Kentucky. The show sported over 500 “cool” classic cars and golden oldies play on the airwaves.
The Rockcastle Regional Hospital sponsored the Prevent Cancer SuperColon™ exhibit to reach the population that remembers Elvis and needs to get screened for colorectal cancer. The volunteers from Rockcastle Regional helped educate the “cool dudes” and reminded everyone that colorectal cancer is Preventable, Treatable, Beatable!

Ft. Worth, Texas / Texas Motor Speedway-NASCAR

November 6-8, 2009Back to top

The Prevent Cancer SuperColon had over 2,000 visitors during its recent visit to the NASCAR races at Texas Motor Speedways.

Anchorage, Alaska / Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

November 6-8, 2009Back to top

The Prevent Cancer SuperColon recently visited Anchorage, AK, spending two days the AFN Health Fair. We partnered with Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, Southcentral Foundation, Alaska Comprehensive Cancer Partnership, and ANTHC Colorectal Cancer Task Force to make this possible!

Over 900 Alaska Natives came to see the exhibit and toured the Prevent Cancer SuperColon. They learned about healthy living, screenings, and were able to talk to doctors and hospital personal about questions and to set up appointments. Prevent Cancer was thrilled to take part in this annual event for Alaska!

Twin Falls, Idaho / Mountain State Tumor Institute Health Fair

October 3, 2009Back to top

Check out the Prevent Cancer SuperColon in Twin Falls, Idaho! YouTube Video!
On October 3, 2009 the Foundation’s educational exhibt supported the Magic Valley Health Fair sponsored by St. Luke’s Mountain State Tumor Institute (MSTI). The health fair was a fabulous event offering the Twin Falls community FREE skin cancer screenings, pulmonary screenings, carotid artery screenings, blood pressure checks, glucose testing and flu shots, pneumonia vaccines plus much more.
The Prevent Cancer SuperColon held center stage in the mall courtyard teaching people that colorectal cancer is Preventable, Treatable, Beatable!

Louisville, KY / Colon Cancer Prevention Project at Bats Stadium

August 15, 2009 Back to top

In Louisville we worked with the Colon Cancer Prevention Project of Kentucky, who is very enthusiastic about lower mortality rates due to colon cancer in Kentucky. The Prevent Cancer SuperColon exhibit was placed outside the main gate of Bats Stadium just before the game started. Approximately 600 people walked by the exhibit on their war in and 300 came for a tour and additional information.

All kinds of people came by the exhibit and learned more about cancer prevention for themselves and for others in the state of Kentucky.

See feature article in the Louisville Courier-Journal

Bernalillo, NM / Pueblo of Sandia

August 7, 2009 Back to top

This Sandia Pueblo event was a hit! In addition to the Prevent Cancer SuperColon exhibit, mammograms were also offered onsite. The exhibit was set up in the Wellness Center gym on the reservation, a community center point. The event lasted from 9am – 3pm and a 100 people walked through the Prevent Cancer SuperColon. There was a steady stream of people coming through the event and the Sandia Governor and Lt. Governor visit.

The event was advertised and written about in the local, reservation newspaper.

Wise, VA / Remote Area Medicine

July 24, 2009 Back to top

The Foundation was fortunate to be a part of Remote Area Medicine (RAM) in Wise, VA over the 24th of July weekend. This program brings in hundreds of doctors and dentists to provide healthcare for those who cannot afford it. In Wise, the doctors and dentists set up tents and equipment on the fairgrounds and stay for three days treating as many individuals as they can: dawn until dark.

The Prevent Cancer SuperColon exhibit was there in the midst of the event allowing those waiting for treatment to ask questions and gather information. The visitors were encouraged to eat healthy with a special recipe booklet and exercise to reduce their risk.

Baltimore, MD / African Heritage Festival

July 3-5, 2009 Back to top

The Prevent Cancer SuperColon was part of the Health and Wellness Village at the 8thAnnual African American Heritage Festival in Baltimore, MD July 4 and 5. This village was put together by the Mayor’s office to help cover disparity issues in underserved communities.

Over 900 people tour the exhibit with many questions about family history and symptoms. As the people were coming out of the exhibit we had the opportunity to direct them to the John Hopkins table where they were giving out FREE colonoscopy appointments. With volunteer help the Foundation gave out 9,500 Buddy Bracelets in the main street of the festival. Thanks to the volunteers from St. Joseph Hospital and John Hopkins.

The media coverage from the Baltimore Times and the Baltimore Sun (we also hit both papers Web site and the Sun blog)are attached.,0,745428.story