Step 1: Connect

“Through Dialogue we gained new partners and new energy.”
Debbie Hintz, California State Coordinator

With expert technical assistance from the Prevent Cancer Foundation, a state or tribe works to identify opportunities to advance its CRC objectives and cancer planning. The Dialogue process begins with the recruitment of the planning committee—a diverse group of individuals sharing an interest to increase CRC screening. The coordinator and committee work together to identify critical stakeholders, set objectives, and design a program to accomplish the state or tribal goals.

Step 2: Build!

Dialogue was a catalyst for our state. It gave us momentum on our CRC initiatives.”
Robert Villanueva, Maryland State Coordinator

The Dialogue process culminates in an innovative leadership summit with a lively format to stimulate exchange of ideas. Diverse stakeholders and thought leaders work on meeting their CRC goals and building consensus for strategies to increase screening, particularly among the underserved.

Step 3: Change!

Dialogue allowed us to come together and focus as a state.”
Dr. Valeriy Moysaeko, Ohio Team Member

The Dialogue’s action-oriented, information-sharing process strengthens collaboration for achieving CRC screening objectives. Key stakeholders such as health care providers and advocates, health educators and insurers, and researchers and industry representatives all work together to find common ground. By Dialogue’s end, “next steps” have been developed to increase CRC screening throughout the state or tribal area.