PSA Videos

As part of the Prevention Across America™ campaign, the Prevent Cancer Foundation has commissioned a series of Public Service Announcements (PSAs) designed to entertain while raising awareness about preventable cancers.

Preventable Cancer Support Group

Since more and more people are reducing their cancer risk through healthy eating, exercise, regular medical screenings and by not smoking, the preventable cancers are starting to feel paranoid, unwanted and unloved. You can add to their anxiety and “Stop Cancer Before It Starts!”

Out of Work

“Out of Work” focuses on the colorectal cancer expressing anxiety about the preventable cancers losing their “jobs.” It would be wonderful if they were all on the unemployment line.

Good Old Days

“Good Old Days” focuses on lung cancer, not satisfied with continuing to be a leading cause of cancer death, she wants a return to the days when there were more smokers and second hand smoke was everywhere.

Jealous with Envy

Cervical Cancer is threatened by Breast Cancer’s popularity.

Self Examination

Breast Cancer (BC) is very emotional because the person he was attracted to is eating right and exercising. He feels like she may be trying to get rid of him.

Fun & Sun

Skin Cancer (SC) is annoyed that people are using sunscreen and covering up. She wishes they would all relax and increase their cancer risk.