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Join us in our mission to save lives through cancer prevention and early detection. Take a look below on how you can make a difference in your life and the lives of others.


To receive periodic updates and action alerts about legislation being considered by Congress that impacts cancer research and the well-being of patients, please join our Advocacy Action Center.
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Our Events

Special events are important fundraising activities for the Prevention Cancer Foundation. Funds raised through events support the Foundation’s grants, fellowships, community outreach and education programs.
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All contributions to the organization, both large and small, directly support our cause. There are a number of ways you can make a donation. Click below to learn more.
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Connect With Us

There are a number of ways you can connect with us online to learn more about early detection and cancer research and help support our cause.

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Join us in raising awareness about cancer prevention and early detection on Twitter and Facebook. With just one tweet or status update, you can share your story, inspire others and spread the message that the small choices we make every single day can have a big and lasting impact.
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The Prevent Cancer Foundation seeks volunteers throughout the year to assist in our mission of the prevention and early detection of cancer.
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