Get Screened!

There’s good news on the cancer front.

We know more now than ever before about how the disease develops and what contributes to cancer risk. We have better weapons for fighting the disease with new technologies for early detection, more options for diagnosis and treatment and improved therapies.

Early detection through screening is key.

It’s estimated that screening can reduce breast cancer death by as much as 25 percent. Pre-cancerous growths can be detected early and removed, stopping the disease in its tracks.

You have the power to take control of your health and catch many cancers before they start, or at their earliest, most treatable stages. Be familiar with warning signs and symptoms, get regular check-ups and perform self-exams.

Know your family history.

Find out if you are at higher risk for some cancers because of your family history or your lifestyle. You may need earlier or more frequent screening, so it’s important to ask your health care professional which tests may be right for you.

To help determine your risk, complete this family medical history chart and share it with your health care professional and other family members.

Get immunized.

Cancer prevention includes being immunized for certain types of cancer. Ask your health care professional about such vaccines.