Eat Healthy

Reduce your risk for cancer by improving your diet.

New research shows that as many as one-third of all cancer deaths are linked to diet and physical activity.

You have the power to change your eating habits.

Start by reducing dietary fat intake, especially animal fat. Make your diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and whole grains.

Start small.

No one can overhaul their food habits quickly. Add a few servings of fruits and vegetables to your diet each day to reduce your cancer risk. Mix some dark, leafy greens like spinach in with your salad. Eat a peach, or other brightly colored fruit, for a snack.

Limit alcohol.

Alcohol consumption is linked to increased risk of mouth, esophagus, pharynx, larynx, liver and breast cancers. If you drink alcohol, men should try to drink no more than two drinks a day and women should try to drink no more than one drink a day.

Eat less red meat and cut out processed meat.

Eating too much red meat can increase your cancer risk. Skip processed meats like bacon, ham, pastrami, salami, sausage, hot dogs and pepperoni. Choose fish, poultry, or beans instead of beef, pork or lamb. When you eat meat, choose lean cuts and eat smaller portions. Prepare meat by baking, broiling, or poaching at lower temperatures, rather than by frying in fat or broiling/grilling at excessively high temperatures.