Ways To Reduce Risk

Below are four primary habits that everyone should adopt. These steps are more than a call to action — they are the keys to leading a longer, healthier life. Integrate these steps into your daily life gradually, share them with family, support friends in the midst of these life changes — it’s never too late to make simple, yet lifesaving, lifestyle changes.

Of course, the four lifestyle choices above are not the only ways to prevent cancer. To learn more, visit the Prevent Cancer Foundation Blog that provides cancer prevention and early detection news and information or have prevention strategies at your fingertips by clicking on the image below and printing the Seven Steps to Prevent Cancer card.


Healthy Weight Tips Infographic

Maintaining a healthy weight is an important step we can take to greatly reduce the possibility of developing certain forms of cancer. The infographic below shows safe and effective healthy weight tips to help you and your loved ones improve your health and help us all Stop Cancer Before it Starts!