2014 Recipients

Named Grant Awesome Games Done Quick
Organization Foundation for Healthy Communities
Location Concord, NH
Project Director E.V. Banks
Grant Amount $10,000
Project Description The goal of the Healthy Families –>Healthy Communities Cancer Prevention Project is to construct a New Hampshire specific, culturally, linguistically, and low-literacy tailored health education module on breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screening in seven languages. This collaborative project will partner with state and national health programs to target underserved ethnic communities. A community teaching session of the cancer module in each language will be recorded, transcribed and shared to increase community-level cancer awareness and knowledge about screening resources.

Organization Georgia Regents University
Location Augusta, GA
Project Director Selina A. Smith
Grant Amount $10,000
Project Description TIPS: Developing Lifestyle Modification Tips for the Down Home Healthy Living Cookbook – Colorectal cancer (CRC) modifiable lifestyle tips (diet, physical activity and CRC screening) will be developed and evaluated for the Down Home Healthy Living Cookbook using a community-based participatory approach. The cookbook is part of a CRC screening intervention with dissemination to 7,200 African Americans in 13 states. The tips will be developed by 1) examining scientific literature and consumer educational materials; 2) soliciting input from experts and 3) conducting focus groups in rural, suburban and urban communities.

Organization Minnesota Cancer Alliance
Location St. Paul, MN
Project Director Heather Hirsch
Grant Amount $10,000
Project Description Development of Culturally Appropriate Educational Materials on HPV for American Indian Communities – The purpose of this project is to develop and test, through focus groups, culturally specific mailing and educational materials for Human Papilloma Virus vaccinations to be used in Minnesota’s America Indian populations for the prevention of cervical cancer and other HPV-associated cancers. The cancer prevention materials will be distributed throughout the state to reach these primary audiences: 1) the parents of American Indian children ages 11-18 years and 2) the adolescents themselves.

Organization Los Angeles Affiliate, Susan G. Komen for the Cure®
Location Los Angeles, CA
Project Director Gwendolyn Barker
Grant Amount $10,000
Project Description Unidas en Rosa: Breast Health Education for Latinas – The project aims to improve breast cancer outcomes for Latinas in LA County through Unidas en Rosa, a culturally-competent outreach and education program created to motivate Latinas to seek breast health information and screening services in order to reduce late-stage diagnosis. Goals include educating 250 Latinas through 32 culturally-sensitive sessions at churches, training 25 Unidas en Rosa Promotoras on health communication and breast health basics, and reaching over 600 community members through at least 12 Promotora-hosted events.