2012 Recipients

Organization American Indian Cancer Foundation
Location Minneapolis, MN
Project Director Kris Rhodes
Grant Amount $10,000
Project Description The goal of the project, Powwow 4 Hope, is to increase cancer awareness and prevention knowledge for American Indian families. The Powwow 4 Hope project aims to reach 3,000 participants, expected to travel from reservations in Minnesota, North and South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Powwow participants will be evaluated on 1) their sustained knowledge on cancer prevention, 2) any screenings since the event, 3) change in beliefs around cancer, and also 4) their level of satisfaction of the event.
Organization Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Location Columbus, OH
Project Director Nicholas Yeager
Grant Amount $10,000
Project Description This program will raise awareness about adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancers by educating and training medical students and residents. The program will provide knowledge regarding the most common AYA cancers, the signs and symptoms associated with them, and ways to prevent these cancers. Armed with this teaching early in their careers, medical students will educate and examine patients, and “pay it forward” by going out into the community to educate high school and college students with their new knowledge.
Organization Utah Department of Health
Location Salt Lake City, UT
Project Director Kathryn Rowley
Grant Amount $10,000
Project Description This project will encourage Utah children and their parents to practice sun safe behaviors. The Program will partner with professional soccer player Chris Wingert to educate Utahns through local parks and recreation youth soccer leagues in low income and underserved areas, as well as other counties in Utah with high melanoma incidence rates. The program will have three major components: education, provision of sunscreen, and evaluation. Goals include the distribution of 5,000 educational pieces, training for coaches and booths held with interactive sun safety activities.
Organization Women’s Resource Center
Location Fort Collins, CO
Project Director Annette Zacharias
Grant Amount $10,000
Project Description Through this grant, the organization will provide education, mammograms, patient navigation and other services for women at risk of breast cancer or reproductive cancers (cervical, ovarian and uterine), particularly women facing barriers and disparities to care. The Women’s Resource Center uses an innovative continuum of care model that provides a full spectrum of breast and reproductive cancer services, including patient navigation and aims to reach 5,000 women with health information and connect 650 low-income women to free and low cost breast cancer screenings.