Fundraiser Toolkits

In order to make your event as successful as possible, the Prevent Cancer Foundation provides all fundraiser hosts with a Media Toolkit and Fundraiser Toolkit. These Toolkits give you everything you need to host a fundraiser of any size.

The Media Toolkit will provide everything you need to market your event in your community:

  • Examples and best practice tips for advertising your event on Twitter and Facebook
  • Electronic versions of the Prevent Cancer Foundation logo
  • The Prevent Cancer Foundation Branding Guide

The Fundraiser Toolkit will provide everything you need to build a successful event:

  • Letter/email template to send local businesses to solicit in-kind and sponsorship donations
  • Letter/email template to send friends and family asking for their support
  • Request forms for Prevent Cancer Foundation materials and incentives for your event
  • One-page Prevent Cancer Foundation overview PDF, which describes the Foundation’s history, programs, and education and community outreach initiatives
  • Fundraiser checklist
  • “Your Dollars at Work” sheet to show donors how their donation is put to work at the Prevent Cancer Foundation
  • Instructions on how to send the proceeds of your fundraiser to the Prevent Cancer Foundation

To receive your Media Toolkit and Fundraiser Toolkit, please complete and submit the Host a Fundraiser agreement form, and we will email you both Toolkits upon receipt.