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Things to know about hepatitis C on..

Today is National African-American Hepatitis C Action Day (NAAHCAD). Hepatitis C is a serious virus that can lead to liver cancer if left untreated. Unfortunately, African-American communities are esp..

My sister, my hero..

A heart attack―that I could understand. Hearts in my family are not as strong as they ought to be. But cancer? Nobody in my family had cancer. My sister, Lauren, was an active person. She loved t..

Easy ways to cook July’s best pro..

If you’re tired of making the same old dishes, here are some easy tips and tricks on how to cook up summer’s best produce to add some nutrition and pizazz to your plate. Apricots Instead of eating..

Power. Progress. Prevention. July 1..

July 14, 2017 Update: Health Care on the Hill Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell released an updated version of the Better Care and Reconciliation Act (BCRA) this week. The newly released bill in..

Healthy road trip snacks..

This summer, about three-fourths of Americans are expected to hit the road for a family trip—cue the chorus of kids asking, “Are we there yet?” The key to keeping the backseat quiet and content?..

Working to prevent esophageal cance..

Nearly 17,000 people will be diagnosed with esophageal cancer this year alone. One cause of this disease is a condition called Barrett’s esophagus, a change in the cells that line the esophagus due ..