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Breakaway Day 4: A Festival in Mode..

The city of Modesto, CA welcomed the Breakaway from Cancer Tour with open arms.  The Mayor of Modesto joined us, along with many members of the community who were active participants in the ceremonie..

Foundation’s Super Colon® Vi..

The 6th Annual Asian Heritage Festival marked the Prevent Cancer Super Colon®’s  first visit to San Francisco. Thanks to the California Colon Cancer Control Program (CCCCP) the exhibit brought..

Breakaway Day 3: Honors in Santa Cr..

If you were watching the Amgen Tour of California coverage on Versus, you very likely saw Prevent Cancer Foundation President and Founder Carolyn (Bo) Aldigé in Santa Cruz, CA presenting the yellow j..

Breakaway Day 2: Rain in Santa Rosa..

Today’s weather was drastically different and I’m glad for my Breakaway rain jacket! Santa Rosa is a beautiful and welcoming town, and even the torrential (okay, I exaggerate) rain couldn’t kee..

Breakaway Day 1: Sunny Sacramento..

Hello from a very sunny Sacramento, and the kick off of the Amgen Tour of California – and I was lathered up in sunscreen today! The Breakaway from Cancer initiative advocates a unique approach..

There's a new appreciation for..

Getting plenty of vitamin C may be especially important for pregnant moms and infants...